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2009-08-05 01:13 pm
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Piercring ENERGY that STRIKES BACK!!!

(This is so full of ENERGY!!! that I'm making it my first crosspost from livejournal.)

At lunch today, I saw a bottle of VenoM!!! Black Mamba! Energy! Drink!!!! Ok, the excamation points are mine, because it's a really loud bottle. Seriously, I have never seen a beverage try so hard. Near as I can tell, the brand name is Venom and the flavor is "Black Mamba". This stuff isn't any wimpy lemon-lime, or fruit punch[1]... it's ENERGY flavored!!!

Seriously. Go check the website - there's a giant freaking snake eye on the label, and then they gave the logo fangs. Seriously -- fangs!

The back reads:

When you want to stay razor sharp, with the energy to strike first and leave your mark, you need the vicious Venom of a Black Mamba.

The Venom Potency Pack has a powerful dose of taurine, glucuonolactone, L-carnitine and guarana, giving it the piercing energy that strikes back.

Man, this is so $2 worth of entertainment right here.

If I keel over from a heart attack from this stuff, I'll come back from the grave to post about it. Because that's the kind of energy kick this label promises!

[1] Well, ok, apparently "Death Adder" is fruit punch flavor, and "Killer Taipan" is mango flavored. "Black Mamba" and "Mojave Rattler" are just flat-out ENERGY!!!! though.